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Tower v4.0.0

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5 years ago

Version 4.0.0 changelog:


  • Remove dependency on 3DR Services.
  • Add option export drone flight path as a mission (pr #1792).
  • Change the mission file format (pr #1791). Default to the Waypoint Protocol file format.
  • Add BaiduMap (pr #1788).
  • Add option to clear the drone flight path (pr #1786).
  • Add compass calibration for Solo and ArduCopter v3.4+ vehicles (pr #1782).
  • Add new and improved vehicle history screen (pr #1779).
  • Add credits page (commit 9621157).


  • Add option to start the survey camera before the first waypoint (pr #1792).
  • Add option to lock copter yaw during survey missions (pr #1792).
  • Autosave last survey preferences (pr #1792).
  • Improve Portuguese translation (pr #1789).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix waypoint reordering (pr #1793).
  • Fix radius overflow (pr #1768).
  • Better circle length calculation (pr #1766).

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