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Droidplanner v2.6.2 RC1

latest releases: Tower-v4.0.0.9, Tower-v4.0.0.8, Tower-v4.0.0.7...
7 years ago


  • Parameter download on start-up (#976)
  • Use FTDI usb library for FTDI devices (#975)
  • Fix NullPointer error on editor (#972)
  • Fix a couple of mission items unpack method (#971)

Release Notes

  • On the DroneSetup pane removed the Tuning and Calibration Fragments
  • Removed unfinished/untested missionItems (Only Waypoint, Takeoff, ROI, RTL, Circle and Land are allowed)
  • Removed distance/time view at the editor screen
  • Removed un-finished buttons on the Circle mode fragment

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