github DroidPlanner/Tower Droidplanner_v2.0.0_RC3
Droidplanner v2.0.0 RC3

latest releases: Tower-v4.0.0.9, Tower-v4.0.0.8, Tower-v4.0.0.7...
8 years ago
  • Renamed package to org.droidplanner
  • Redesing of the mission handling code
  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface
  • Easy to use Home, Land, and Loiter buttons
  • New Artificial Horizon
  • Added telemetry to the ActionBar
  • Mode detail fragment
  • New guided mode with changeable altitude
  • New planning screen for quick mission generation
  • Easy and powerful mission editing tools
  • New mission listing fragment
  • Drone Setup screen with multiple tabs like:Radio,Checklist,Parameters
  • Improved BlueTooth Connection

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