github DisposaBoy/GoSublime v19.10.22

    ParseWithMode and ParseWithMode now takes a *mg.Ctx instead of a mg.KVStore.

  • Add experimental support for auto-completion and type-checking in go modules.

  • Add experimental reducer &golang.TypeCheck{}.
    It's a linter that does a full type-check as you type (even in unsaved files).
    It can be thought of as a replacement for the gotype binary of old.

NOTE: This is purely an experiment used primarily for testing the package importer
and type-checking and will probably break randomly, if it works at all.

With that said, the plan is to clean it up and develop it further in the future.

  • The Ariana color scheme has been tweaked to improve readability.

  • Add a prefix to status items and reduce the space between them.

  • Add langs mg.GoMod and mg.GoSum for go.mod and go.sum files, respectively.
    For convenience, goutil.Langs now holds the list of all Go-related langs
    and Go linters are now available in go.mod and go.sum.

  • The tasks count styled has been changed to Tasks ➊➋➌.
    The status animates between Tasks ➊➋➌ and Tasks ➀➁➂ while there are tasks less than 16s old.

  • The issue count styled has been changed to Error ➊ꞏ🄋.

NOTE: The meanings of the numbers have been reverted.

Previously, given 1/2 Errors, there was 1 issue with tag Error in this view, and there was a total 2 errors in all views.
The new meanings Error ➊ꞏ🄋 is: ➊ is the number issues in the current view and 🄋 is the number issues in other views.

Only first number is highlighted if there are issues in the current view.
Likewise, when there are issues, but none in the current view, only the second number is highlighted.

  • Don't show the func prefix in the calltip status. The parens already make it obviously a function.
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15 months ago