github DisposaBoy/GoSublime v18.03.23-1

  • GOPATH is automatically set to the internal GOPATH when editing margo source files
    this allows for things like linters and gocode to work when editing margo.go

  • margo is now only automatically restarted if go test succeeds
    this further supports linters by not restarting when margo.go compilation fails

  • add a default linter pattern for gometalinter
    the following reducer/linter should now work without any additional setup

    &golang.Linter{Name: "gometalinter", Args: []string{"--fast"}},
  • add support for sending settings to margo
    in the GoSublime settings, Sublime Text preferences or project settings
    the entry "margo": {...} will be send to margo where reducers can make use of it
    by accessing mx.Editor.Settings e.g.

gosublime settings:

	"margo": {
		"message": "hello world from the GoSublime settings",

project settings:

	"margo": {
		"message": "hello world from the project settings",


	mg.Reduce(func(mx *mg.Ctx) *mg.State {
		var settings struct {
			// due to limitations in the codec pkg we need to add struct tags
			// unless we use the exact (capitalized name) in the editor settings
			Status string `codec:"status"`
		err := mx.Editor.Settings(&settings)
		switch err {
		case mg.ErrNoSettings:
			// when the `Started` action is dispatched, no client data is present
			// and we therefore have no settings
			return mx.State
		case nil:
			return mx.AddStatus(settings.Status)
			return mx.AddStatusf("cannot decode settings: %v", err)
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