github Decimation/SmartImage v3.0.3-rc
v3.0.3 RC

latest releases: v1.0.6-rdx, v1.0.5-rdx, v4.0.5...
pre-release11 months ago
  • Result table colors
  • Litterbox is default engine
  • Fixes
  • Auto-search
  • Added downloading capability (Ctrl+D)
  • Work on memory leak issues
  • Added send-to integration (COM interop not supported with trimming)
  • Fixed Google Images to now use Google Lens
  • Added Metadata view dialog (Ctrl+M)
  • Added hotkeys
Key Function
Ctrl+R Restart
Ctrl+B Browse
Ctrl+C Cancel
Ctrl+N Next

Full Changelog: v3.0.2...v3.0.3

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