github DataDog/dd-trace-py v1.12.9

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14 days ago

Bug Fixes

  • django: Resolves an issue where the resource name of django.request span did not contain the full name of a view when DD_DJANGO_USE_HANDLER_RESOURCE_FORMAT=True. This issue impacts django>=4.0.

  • asgi: Ensures error.message and error.stack tags are set when an exception is raised in a route.

  • wsgi: Resolves an issue where accessing the __len__ attribute on traced wsgi middlewares raised a TypeError

  • gunicorn: This fix ensures ddtrace threads do not block the master process from spawning workers when DD_TRACE_DEBUG=true. This issue impacts gunicorn applications using gevent and python<=3.6.

  • lib-injection: Ensure local package is installed. Previously the package
    could still be pulled from the internet causing application slowdowns.

  • kafka: Fixes TypeError raised when arbitrary keyword arguments are passed to confluent_kafka.Consumer

  • sanic: Resolves sanic_routing.exceptions.InvalidUsage error raised when gevent is installed or DD_UNLOAD_MODULES_FROM_SITECUSTOMIZE is set to True.

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