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14 days ago

What's Changed

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) fixes a few minor OpenTelemetry-related bugs with W3C trace context propagation, 128 bit trace ids propagation, and the use of the Datadog OTel API. There are also bug fixes in contrib/database/sql, contrib/go-redis/redis.v8, and contrib/gomodule/redigo. It also improves span and service naming across several library integrations. Note that this release adds a deprecation notice to contrib/labstack/echo.
There are also several new features, including support for the redis/go-redis.v9 tracing integration and a new WithErrorCheck option in contrib/aws/aws-sdk-go.

Application Security Management (ASM) now allows users to configure their own custom security rules. These custom security rules get added to the list of security rules used by the In-App WAF. This release also includes a couple of bug fixes.


Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application Security Management (ASM)

  • internal/appsec: handle user custom rules through remote config by @Hellzy in #1961
  • internal/appsec: fix user ID event detection & other appsec tests by @Hellzy in #1918
  • internal/appsec/remoteconfig: fix rules overrides by @Julio-Guerra in #1921
  • internal/appsec: do not ignore the appsec events rate limiter by @Julio-Guerra in #1927
  • internal/appsec: security rules v1.7.0 by @Hellzy in #1983
  • contrib/gin-gonic: abort context when the request is blocked by appsec by @Hellzy in #1976


  • ddtrace/trace: only tag fully-covered spans as execution traced by @nsrip-dd in #1943
  • profiler: support reconfiguring execution tracing at runtime by @nsrip-dd in #1978

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