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Datadog Cluster Agent 1.9.0

Release Notes



Pinned to datadog-agent v7.23.0: CHANGELOG.

New Features

  • Collect the node and cluster resource in Kubernetes for the Orchestrator Explorer (#6297).
  • Add resolve option to the endpoint checks (#5918).
  • Add health command (#6144).
  • Add options to configure the External Metrics Server (#6406).

Enhancement Notes

  • Fill DatadogMetric AutoscalerReferences field to ease usage/investigation of DatadogMetrics (#6367).
  • Only run compliance checks on the Cluster Agent leader (#6311).
  • Add orchestrator_explorer configuration to enable the cluster-id ConfigMap creation and Orchestrator Explorer instanciation (#6189).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix transformer for gibiBytes and gigaBytes (#6437).
  • Fix cluster-agent commands to allow executing the script for the secret backend feature (#6445).
  • Fix issue with External Metrics when several HPAs use the same query (#6412).
latest releases: 7.26.0-rc.7-dbm-beta-0.4, dca-1.11.0, 6.26.0...
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