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Datadog Cluster Agent 1.10.0

Release Notes



Released on: 2020-12-10
Pinned to datadog-agent v7.24.0: CHANGELOG.

New Features

  • Add a new command 'datadog-cluster-agent health' to show the cluster
    agent's health, similar to the already existing agent health.

  • collect node information for the orchestrator explorer

  • Fill DatadogMetric AutoscalerReferences field to ease usage/investigation of DatadogMetrics

  • The Cluster Agent can now collect stats from Cluster Level Check runners
    to optimize its dispatching logic and rebalance the scheduled checks.

  • Allow providing custom tags to orchestrator resources.

Enhancement Notes

  • Add new configuration parameter to allow 'GroupExec' permission on the secret-backend command.
    The new parameter ('secret_backend_command_allow_group_exec_perm') is now enabled by default in the cluster-agent image.

  • Add resolve option to endpoint checks through new annotation With ip value, it allows endpoint checks to target static pods

  • Expose metrics for the cluster level checks advanced dispatching.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix '' permission in Cluster-Agent dockerfiles that removes other permission.

  • Fix issue in Cluster Agent when using external metrics without DatadogMetrics where multiple HPAs using the same metricName + Labels would prevent all HPAs (except 1st one) to get values from Datadog

  • Ensure that leader election runs if orchestrator_explorer and leader_election are enabled.

  • Rename node role tag from "node_role" to "kube_node_role" in orchestrator_explorer collection.

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