github DataDog/datadog-agent 7.24.1
Datadog Agent 7.24.1


Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug when parsing the current version of an integration that prevented
    upgrading from an alpha or beta prerelease version.

  • During a domain installation in a child domain, the Windows installer can now use a user from a parent domain.

  • The Datadog Agent had a memory leak where some tags would be collected but
    never cleaned up after their entities were removed from a Kubernetes
    cluster due to their IDs not being recognized. This has now been fixed, and
    all tags are garbage collected when their entities are removed.

Other Notes

  • Updated the shipped CA certs to latest (2020-12-08)
latest releases: 7.26.0-dbm-beta-0.5, 6.26.0, 7.26.0...
2 months ago