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Release Notes



Release on: 2020-10-06

Upgrade Notes

  • Network monitoring: enable DNS stats collection by default.

New Features

  • APM: Decoding errors reported by the datadog.trace-agent.receiver.error and
    contain more detailed reason tags in case of EOFs and timeouts.
  • Running the agent flare with the -p flag now includes profiles for
    the trace-agent.
  • APM: An SQL query obfuscation cache was added under the feature flag
    DD_APM_FEATURES=sql_cache. In most cases where SQL queries are
    repeated or prepared, this can significantly reduce CPU work.
  • Secrets handles are not supported inside JSON value set through
    environment variables. For example setting a secret in a list DD_FLARE_STRIPPED_KEYS='["ENC[auth_token_name]"]'
    datadog-agent run

  • Add basic support for UTF16 (BE and LE) encoding. It should be
    manually enabled in a log configuration using encoding: utf-16-be
    or encoding: utf-16-le other values are unsupported and ignored by
    the agent.

Enhancement Notes

  • Add new configuration parameter to allow 'GroupExec' permission on
    the secret-backend command. Set to 'true' the new parameter
    'secret_backend_command_allow_group_exec_perm' to activate it.
  • Add a map from DNS rcode to count of replies received with that
  • Enforces a size limit of 64MB to uncompressed sketch payloads
    (distribution metrics). Payloads above this size will be split into
    smaller payloads before being sent.
  • APM: Span normalization speed has been increased by 15%.
  • Improve the kubelet check error reporting in the output of
    agent status in the case where the agent cannot properly connect
    to the kubelet.
  • Add space_id, space_name, org_id and org_name as tags to both autodiscovered
    containers as well as checks found through autodiscovery on Cloud
  • Improves compliance check status view in the security-agent status
  • Include compliance benchmarks from in the Agent packages and
    the Cluster Agent image.
  • Windows Docker image is now based on Windows Server Nano instead of
    Windows Server Core.
  • Allow sending the GCP project ID under the project_id: host tag
    key, in addition to the project: host tag key, with the
    gce_send_project_id_tag config setting.
  • Add kubeconfig to GCE excluded host
    tags (used on GKE)
  • The cluster name can now be longer than 40 characters, however the
    combined length of the host name and cluster name must not exceed
    254 characters.
  • When requesting EC2 metadata, you can use IMDSv2 by turning on a new
    configuration option (ec2_prefer_imdsv2).
  • When tailing logs from container in a kubernetes environment long
    lines (>16kB usually) that got split by the container runtime
    (docker & containerd at least) are now reassembled pending they do
    not exceed the upper message length limit (256kB).
  • Move the cluster-id ConfigMap creation, and Orchestrator Explorer
    controller instantiation behind the orchestrator_explorer config
    flag to avoid it failing and generating error logs.
  • Add caching for sending kubernetes resources for live containers
  • Agent log format improvement: logs can have kv-pairs as context to
    make it easier to get all logs for a given context Sample:
    2020-09-17 12:17:17 UTC | CORE | INFO |
    (pkg/collector/runner/runner.go:327 in work) | check:io | Done
    running check
  • The CRI check now supports container exclusion based on container
    name, image and kubernetes namespace.
  • Added a network_config config to the system-probe that allows the
    network module to be selectively enabled/disabled. Also added a
    corresponding DD_SYSTEM_PROBE_NETWORK_ENABLED env var. The
    network module will only be disabled if the network_config exists
    and has enabled set to false, or if the env var is set to false. To
    maintain compatibility with previous configs, the network module
    will be enabled in all other cases.
  • Log a warning when a log file is rotated but has not finished
    tailing the file.
  • The NTP check now uses the cloud provider's recommended NTP servers
    by default, if the Agent detects that it's running on said cloud

Deprecation Notes

  • process_config.orchestrator_additional_endpoints
    and process_config.orchestrator_dd_url are
    deprecated in favor of: orchestrator_explorer.orchestrator_additional_endpoints
    and orchestrator_explorer.orchestrator_dd_url.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Datadog Agent would improperly filter all
    remaining traces in a payload after a trace matching an
    ignore_resources filter was matched.
  • Allow agent integration install to
    work even if the datadog agent configuration file doesn't exist.
    This is typically the case when this command is run from a
    Dockerfile in order to build a custom image from the datadog
    official one.
  • Implement variable interpolation in the tagger when inferring the
    standard tags from the DD_ENV, DD_SERVICE and DD_VERSION
    environment variables
  • Fix a bug that was causing not picking checks and logs for
    containers targeted by container-image-based autodiscovery. Or
    picking checks and logs for containers that were not targeted by
    container-image-based autodiscovery. This happened when several
    image names were pointing to the same image digest.
  • APM: Allow digits in SQL literal identifiers (e.g. 1sad123jk)
  • Fixes an issue with not always reporting ECS Fargate task_arn tag
    due to a race condition in the tag collector.
  • The SUSE SysVInit service now correctly starts the Agent as the
    dd-agent user instead of root.
  • APM: Allow double-colon operator in SQL obfuscator.
  • UDP packets can be sent in two ways. In the "connected" way, a connect call is made first to assign the
    remote/destination address, and then packets get sent with the send function or sendto function with destination address
    set to NULL. In the "unconnected" way, packets get sent using sendto function with a non NULL destination
    address. This fix addresss a bug where network stats were not being
    generated for UDP packets sent using the "unconnected" way.
  • Fix the Windows systray not appearing sometimes (bug introduced with
  • The Chocolatey package now uses a fixed URL to the MSI installer.
  • Fix logs tagging inconsistency for restarted containers.
  • On macOS, in Agent v6, the unversioned python binaries in
    /opt/datadog-agent/embedded/bin (example: python, pip) now
    correctly point to the Python 2 binaries.
  • Fix truncated cgroup name on copy with bpf_probe_read_str in OOM
    kill and TCP queue length checks.
  • Use double-precision floats for metric values submitted from Python
  • On Windows, the ddtray executable now has a digital signature
  • Updates the logs package to get the short image name from Kubernetes
    ContainerSpec, rather than ContainerStatus. This works around a
    known issue where the image name in the ContainerStatus may be
  • On Windows, the Agent now responds to control signals from the OS
    and shuts down gracefully. Coincidentally, a Windows Agent Container
    will now gracefully stop when receiving the stop command.

Other Notes

  • All Agents binaries are now compiled with Go 1.14.7
  • JMXFetch upgraded from
    0.38.2 to
  • Move the orchestrator related settings process_config.orchestrator_additional_endpoints
    and process_config.orchestrator_dd_url into
    the orchestrator_explorer section.
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