github DataDog/datadog-agent 7.22.0

Release Notes



Release on: 2020-08-25

New Features

  • Implements agent-side compliance rule evaluation in security agent
    using expressions.
  • Add IO operations monitoring for Docker check
  • Track TCP connection churn on system-probe
  • The new Runtime Security Agent collects file integrity monitoring
    events. It is disabled by default and only available for Linux for
  • Make security-agent part of automatically started agents in
    RPM/DEB/etc. packages (will do nothing and exit 0 by default)
  • Add support for receiving and processing SNMP traps, and forwarding
    them as logs to Datadog.

Enhancement Notes

  • Adds a gauge for system.mem.slab_reclaimable. This is part
    of slab memory that might be reclaimed (i.e. caches). Datadog 7.x
    adds SReclaimable memory, if
    available on the system, to the system.mem.cached gauge by default. This
    may lead to inconsistent metrics for clients migrating from Datadog
    5.x, where system.mem.cached didn't
    include SReclaimable memory. Adding a
    gauge for system.mem.slab_reclaimable allows inverse
    calculation to remove this value from the system.mem.cached gauge.

  • Expand GCR pause container image filter

  • Kubernetes events for pods, replicasets and deployments now have
    tags that match the metrics metadata. Namely, pod_name, kube_deployment, kube_replicas_set.

  • Enabled the collection of the kubernetes resource requirements
    (requests and limits) by bumping the agent-payload dep. and
    collecting the resource requirements.

  • Implements resource fallbacks for complex compliance check

  • Add system.cpu.num_cores metric with the number of CPU cores

  • compliance: Add support for Go custom compliance checks and
    implement two for CIS Kubernetes

  • Make DSD Mapper also map metrics that already contain tags.

  • If the retrieval of the AWS EC2 instance ID or hostname fails,
    previously-retrieved values are now sent, which should mitigate host
    aliases flapping issues in-app.

  • Increase default timeout on AWS EC2 metadata endpoints, and make it
    configurable with ec2_metadata_timeout

  • Add container incl./excl. lists support for ECS Fargate

  • Adds support for a heap profile and cpu profile (of configurable
    length) to be created and included in the flare.

  • Upgrade embedded Python 3 to 3.8.5. Link to Python 3.8 changelog:

    Note that the Python 2 version shipped in Agent v6 continues to be
    version 2.7.18 (unchanged).

  • Upgrade pip to v20.1.1. Link to pip 20.1.1 changelog:

  • Upgrade pip-tools to v5.3.1. Link to pip-tools 5.3.1 changelog:

  • Introduces support for resolving pathFrom from in File and Audit

  • On Windows, always add the user to the required groups during

Bug Fixes

  • Allow integration commands to work for pre-release versions.
  • [Windows] Ensure PYTHONPATH variable is ignored correctly when
    initializing the Python runtime.
  • Enable listening for conntrack info from all namespaces in system
  • Fix cases where the resolution of secrets in integration configs
    would not be performed for autodiscovered containers.
  • Fixes submission of containers blkio metrics that may modify array
    after being already used by aggregator. Can cause missing tags on
    containerd.* metrics
  • Restore support of JSON-formatted lists for configuration options
    passed as environment variables.
  • Don't allow pressing the disable button on checks twice.
  • Fix container_include_metrics
    support for all container checks
  • Fix a bug where the Agent disables collecting tags when the cluster
    checks advanced dispatching is enabled in the Daemonset Agent.
  • Fixes a bug where the ECS metadata endpoint V2 would get queried
    even though it was not configured with the configuration option
  • Fix a bug when a kubernetes job has exited after some time the
    tagger does not update it even if it did change its state.
  • Fixes the Agent failing to start on sysvinit on systems with
    dpkg >= 1.19.3
  • The agent was collecting docker container logs (metrics) even if
    were started before the agent. This is now fixed.
  • Fix a bug where the Agent would not remove tags for pods that no
    longer exist, potentially causing unbounded memory growth.
  • Fix pidfile support on security-agent
  • Fixed system-probe not working on CentOS/RHEL 8 due to our custom
    SELinux policy. We now install the custom policy only on CentOS/RHEL
    7, where the system-probe is known not to work with the default. On
    other platform the default will be used.
  • Stop sending payload for Cloud Foundry applications containers that
    have no container_name tag attached
    to avoid them showing up in the UI with empty name.

Other Notes

  • APM: datadog.trace_agent.receiver.* metrics are now also tagged by
latest releases: 7.26.0-dbm-beta-0.5, 6.26.0, 7.26.0...
6 months ago