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Release on: 2020-07-16

Upgrade Notes

  • APM: The maximum allowed payload size by the agent was increased
    from 10MB to 50MB. This could result in traffic increases for users
    which were affected by this issue.
  • APM: The maximum connection limit over a 30s period was removed.
    This can result in an increase of tracing data for users that were
    affected by this limitation.

New Features

  • Add support of new DatadogMetric CRD in DCA. Allows to autoscale
    based on any valid Datadog query.
  • Add packages scripts for dogstatsd that have the same features as
    the agent: create symlink for binary, create dd-agent user and
    group, setup the service and cleanup those when uninstalling.
  • Adds OOM Kill probe to ebpf package and corresponding corecheck to
    the agent.
  • The Datadog IoT Agent is now available for 32 bit ARM architecture
  • Add Compliance agent in Cluster Agent to monitor Kubernetes objects
  • Add docker.cpu.limit and containerd.cpu.limit metrics, reporting
    maximum cpu time (hz or ns) available for each container based on
    their limits. (Only supported on Linux)
  • Addition of a gRPC server and a hostname resolution endpoint,
    including a grpc-gateway that exposes said endpoint as a REST
  • Adding a 'log_format_rfc3339' option to use the RFC3339 format for
    the log time.
  • Compliance Agent implementing scheduling of compliance checks for
    Docker and Kubernetes benchmarks.
  • Expose agent's sql obfuscation to python checks via new
    datadog_agent.obfuscate_sql method
  • Support installing non-core integrations with the integration
    command, such as those located in the integrations-extras

Enhancement Notes

  • The Agent status command now includes the flavor of the Agent that
    is running.
  • The Agent GUI now includes the flavor of the Agent that is running.
  • Adds Tagger information to Datadog Agent flare for support
  • Add a static collector in the tagger package for tags that do not
    change after pod start (such as those from an environment variable).
  • Add autodiscovery_subnet to available SNMP template extra configs
  • When enabling collect_ec2_tags or collect_gce_tags option,
    EC2/GCE tags are now cached to avoid missing tags when user exceed
    his AWS/GCE quotas.
  • Chocolatey package can be installed on Domain Controller
  • The Agent now collects the Availability Zone a Fargate Task (using
    platform version 1.4 or later) is running in as an
    "availability_zone" tag.
  • Enabled the collection of the init-containers by bumping the
    agent-payload dep. and collecting the init-containers.
  • The Agent now collects recommended "" Kubernetes
    labels as tags by default, and exposes them under a "kube_app"
  • Docker and Containerd checks now support filtering containers by
  • Add support for sampling to distribution metrics
  • Flare now includes the permission information for parents of config
    and log file directories.
  • Collect processes namespaced PID.
  • You can now enable or disable the dogstatsd-stats troubleshooting
    feature at runtime using the config set dogstatsd_stats command of
    the Agent.
  • API Keys are now sanitized for logs_config and
  • Upgrade gosnmp to support more authentication and privacy protocols
    for v3 connections.
  • Use the standard tag 'service' as a log collection attribute for
    container's logs collected from both kubernetes and docker log
  • agent check returns non zero exit code when trace malloc is enabled
    (tracemalloc_debug: true) when using python 2
  • Added the checksum type to the checksum key itself, as it is
    deprecated to have a separate checksum_type key.
  • Add lowercase_device_tag option to the system io core check on
    Windows. When enabled, sends metrics with a lowercased device tag,
    which is consistent with the* metrics of Agent v5 and
    the system.disk.* metrics of all Agent versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing values from cluster-agent status command.

  • Add missing device_name tag in iostats_pdh

  • Fixes an issue where DD_TAGS were not applied to EKS Fargate pods
    and containers.

  • Add freetds linux dep needed for SQL Server to run in Docker

  • APM : Fix parsing of non-ASCII numerals in the SQL obfuscator.
    Previously unicode characters for which unicode.IsDigit returns true
    could cause a hang in the SQL obfuscator

  • APM: correctly obfuscate AUTH command.

  • Dogstatsd standalone: when running on a systemd-based system, do not
    stop Dogstatsd when journald is stopped or restarted.

  • Fix missing logs and metrics for docker-labels based autodiscovery
    configs after container restart.

  • Fix bugs introduced in 7.20.0/6.20.0 in the Agent 5 configuration
    import command: the command would not import some Agent config
    settings, including api_key, and would write some Docker &
    Kubernetes config settings to wrongly-located files.

  • Fixes tag extraction from Kubernetes pod labels when using patterns
    on certain non-alphanumeric label names (e.g.

  • Fixes the /ready health endpoint on the cluster-agent.

    The /ready health endpoint was reporting 200 at the cluster-agent
    startup and was then, permanently reporting 500 even though the
    cluster-agent was experiencing no problem. In the body of the
    response, we could see that a healthcheck component was failing.
    This change fixes this issue.

  • This fix aims to cover the case when the agent is running inside GKE
    with workload identity enabled. If workload identity is enabled,
    access to /instance/name is forbidden, resulting into an empty host

  • Fix hostname resolution issue preventing the Process and APM agents
    from picking up a valid hostname on some containerized environments

  • Fix a bug which causes certain configuration options to be ignored
    by the process-agent in the presence of a system-probe.yaml.

  • Process agent and system probe now correctly accept multiple API
    keys per endpoint.

  • The device_name tag is not used anymore to populate the Device
    field of a series. Only the device tag is considered.

  • Fixes problem on Windows where ddagentuser home directory is left

  • Revert upgrade of GoSNMP and addition of extra authentication

  • Add support for examining processes inside Docker containers running
    under systemd cgroups. This also reduces agent logging volume as
    it's able to capture those statistics going forward.

  • APM: The agent now exits with code 0 when the API key is not
    specified. This is so to prevent the Windows SCM from restarting the

Other Notes

  • All Agents binaries are now compiled with Go 1.13.11.
  • In Debug mode, DogStatsD log a warning message when a burst of
    metrics is detected.
  • JMXFetch upgraded to
  • JQuery, used in the web-based agent GUI, has been upgraded to 3.5.1
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