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Release on: 2020-06-09

New Features

  • Pod and container tags autodiscovered via pod annotations now support multiple values for the same key.
  • Install script creates install_info report
  • Agent detects install_info report and sends it through Host metadata
  • Adding logic to get standard service tag from Pod Metadata Labels.
  • APM: A new endpoint was added which helps augment and forward profiles to Datadog's intake.
  • APM: Information about APM is now included in the agent's status output (both in the GUI and in the 'agent status' command).
  • Introducing the 'cloud_provider_metadata' option in the Agent configuration to restrict which cloud provider metadata endpoints will be queried.
  • Add collector for Garden containers running applications in CloudFoundry environment to view them in the live container list and container map.
  • JMXFetch (helper for JMX checks) is now restarted if it crashes on Windows.
  • Add scaffold for security/compliance agent CLI.
  • container_exclude_metrics and container_include_metrics can be used to filter metrics collection for autodiscovered containers. container_exclude_logs and container_include_logs can be used to filter logs collection for autodiscovered containers.
  • Support SNMP autodiscovery via a new configuration listener, with new template variables.
  • Support Tencent Cloud provider.

Enhancement Notes

  • When installing the Agent using Chocolatey, information about the installation is saved for diagnostic and telemetry purposes.
  • The Agent's flare now includes information about the method used to install the Agent.
  • Ignore AKS pause containers hosted in the container registry.
  • On Linux and MacOS, add a new device_name tag on IOstats and disk checks.
  • Windows installer can use the command line key HOSTNAME_FQDN_ENABLED to set the config value of hostname_fqdn.
  • Add missing device_name tags on docker, containerd and network checks. Make series manage device_name tag if device is missing.
  • Support custom tagging of docker container data via an autodiscovery "tags" label key.
  • Improved performances in metric aggregation logic. Use 64 bits context keys instead of 128 bits in order to benefit from better performances using them as map keys (fast path methods) + better performances while computing the hash thanks to inlining.
  • Count of DNS responses with error codes are tracked for each connection.
  • Latency of successful and failed DNS queries are tracked for each connection. Queries that time out are also tracked separately.
  • Enrich dogstatsd metrics with task_arn tag if DD_DOGSTATSD_TAG_CARDINALITY=orchestrator.
  • More pause containers from ecr, gcr and mcr are excluded automatically by the Agent.
  • Improve cluster name auto-detection on Azure AKS.
  • APM: Improve connection reuse with HTTP keep-alive in trace agent.
  • Increase default timeout to collect metadata from GCE endpoint.
  • Use insertion sort in the aggregator context keys generator as it provides better performances than the selection sort. In cases where the insertion sort was already used, improved its threshold selecting between it and Go stdlib sort.
  • Expose distinct endpoints for liveness and readiness probes.
    • The liveness probe (/live) fails in case of unrecoverable error that deserve an agent restart. (Ex.: goroutine deadlock or premature exit)
    • The readiness probe (/ready) fails in case of recoverable errors or errors for which an agent restart would be more nasty than useful (Ex.: the forwarder fails to connect to DataDog)
  • Exclude automatically pause containers for OpenShift, EKS and AKS Windows
  • Introduce kube_cluster_name and ecs_cluster_name tags in addition to cluster_name. Add the possibility to stop sending the cluster_name tag using the parameter disable_cluster_name_tag_key in Agent config. The Agent keeps sending kube_cluster_name and ecs_cluster_name tags regardless of disable_cluster_name_tag_key.
  • Configure additional process and orchestrator endpoints by environment variable.
  • The process agent can be canfigured to collect containers from multiple sources (e.g kubelet and docker simultaneously).
  • Upgrading the embedded Python 2 to the latest, and final, 2.7.18 release.
  • Improve performance of system-probe conntracker.
  • Throttle netlink socket on workloads with high connection churn.

Deprecation Notes

  • container_exclude replaces ac_exclude. container_include replaces ac_include. ac_exclude and ac_include will keep being supported but the Agent ignores them in favor of container_exclude and container_include if they're defined.

Bug Fixes

  • APM: Fix a small programming error causing the "superfluous response.WriteHeader call" warning.
  • Fixes missing container stats in ECS Fargate 1.4.0.
  • Ensure Python checks are always garbage-collected after they're unscheduled by AutoDiscovery.
  • Fix for autodiscovered checks not being rescheduled after container restart.
  • On Windows, fix calculation of the system.swap.pct_free metric.
  • Fix a bug in the file tailer on Windows where the log-agent would
    keep a lock on the file preventing users from renaming the it.

Other Notes

  • Upgrade embedded ntplib to 0.3.4
  • JMXFetch upgraded to 0.36.2
  • Rebranded puppy agent as iot-agent.
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