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Dash.js v3.1.0


#2903 Add Offline playback
#3099 Add SegmentBaseController to control requests for init and media segments in SegmentBase use cases
#3206 Create a readable report from the functional tests in CircleCI


#3170 Reuse existing texttracks when a new stream is loaded
#3138 Update functional tests to use latest drivers, sample streams and additional tests for multiperiod and url parameters
#3012 Update DashMetrics class
#3201 Improve live edge calculation
#3209 Look for the right initial stream when playing dynamic multiperiod streams


#3195 MSS: Use a fallback id for adaptation sets if no name is provided
#3199 Fix references to use SuggestedPresentationDelay in order to calculate live edge delay
#3142 Typescript Defintion: Define enum LogLevel as const
#3204 Fix bugs in the functional tests for Mac devices
#3205 Only restart the ScheduleController after a QuotaExceededError
#3207 Fix invalid path to dashif.ico
#3208 Fix functional test example for Windows
#3211 Fix a bug in the calculation of the start period which lead to playback stalling

latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
6 months ago