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Dash.js v3.0.3


#3185 Implement a first version of the Common Media Client Data specification (CTA 5005)
#3185 Add CMCD samples in the reference client landing page and the samples folder.
#3153 Use the appendWindowEnd attribute of the MSE SourceBuffer.


#3158 Fix a bug which lead to playback stalling for SegmentBase multiperiod assets.
#3154 Fix an issue with multiperiod live streams. Playback was not started if the segment time was not found in the first period.
#3134 Avoid to push two initialize segments one after the other without any media segment between them.
#3183 Allow null values when setting values in Settings.js.
#3184 Fix a bug in which initial, minimum and maximum bitrate override each other in the reference client sample
#3182 Fix a bug in the ABRController to avoid using invalid ABR algorithm
#3190 Fix a bug Headers string not appending \r in the FetchLoader

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7 months ago