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Dash.js v3.0.2


#2866 Add the capability to match a regex for initial settings of audio and video language


#3129 Avoid play fail when some segments are unavailable
#3149 Update common earliest time management to avoid playback stalling after seek
#3123 Use clearInterval instead of clearTimeout in ManifestUpdater.js
#3131 Fix starting of live streams with SegmentTimeline
#3159 Avoid jumps in the livestream when an incorrect currentTime is reported by video element
#3143 Update buffer level metrics to avoid situations in which no segments are requested
#3163 Avoid Edge mixed-content Security issue
#3162 Remove default value in TypeScript index file
#3154 Fix issue with multiperiod live streams if segment time is not found in current period
#3164 Update parseFloat call to use the float values instead of the string values


#429 Add collection of resources on how to create DASH content

Code Refactor

#3157 Rename the earliestTime variables in the PlaybackController to avoid confusion

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8 months ago