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Dash.js v2.6.5

Bug Fixes

#2365 Multiperiod without audio bug fix
#2346 Multi period bug fix
#2341 Don't do initial seek if there is another seek running
#2340 Fix #2333 - ensure UTCTiming is resolved relative to MPD base uri or BaseURLs
#2337 Remove BaseURLLoader tests from wrong location
#2336 Fix condition in hasInitialization
#2335 MSS parser bug fix
#2329 Fix issue with codec definition and EME Regression
#2320 Multi period live bug
#2220 Bug fix on ended event not triggered


#2328 Update the use of isTypeSupported function Feature Enhancement
#2305 Thumbnails support

Automation Continuous deployment & functional testing

#2331 Add commit info in automatic deployment
#2322 Improve typings

Known Issues

  • There is an issue related with buffer management that causes playback to stall when there are multiple and consecutive seek back operations. The PR #2342 will fix this issue but given the impact that have any change related with buffer management we are intensively testing it before merging.
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