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Dash.js v2.3.0

New Features

#1541 MediaPlayer should trigger an Event if user gesture is needed to play
#1530 Prevent Throughput Rule oscillation and cache pollution.
#1439 Single QUALITY_CHANGE_COMPLETE event triggered when multiple expected
#1365 Refactor Virtual Buffer out of Dash.js
#1557 Remove CSDBI tags in source.json
#1546 MediaPlayer.time() method improvement Bug
#1543 implemented Event MediaPlayerEvents.PLAYBACK_NOT_ALLOWED
#1498 Add and fix switchRequest reason for multiple rules
#1527 Actually report the manifest parsing error
#1536 Image subtitles with layout
#1564 Updated Support Player and contorlbar.js
#1547 Publish ES5 files for node.js import.
#1538 Major BOLA ABR updates.

Bug Fixes

#1526 Streams not playing on IE/Edge Bug
#1518 ScheduleController still listens to PLAYBACK_TIME_UPDATED after reset, throws TypeError
#1514 ThroughputRule wrong calculation and duplicate loads of same fragment
#1494 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'msExtendedCode' of null
#1491 Loadstart event is triggered twice
#1482 latest 2.2.0 won't play wowza generated stream (2.1.1 works)
#1258 Playing unexpectedly stops before end
#1205 Last segment doesn't get appended at times if we seek
#521 Relative URIs with absolute paths are not resolved correctly
#1524 Don't fire progress events when deliberately aborting xhrs
#1517 don't assume sidx is at offset zero in byte range

Known Issues

  • Dynamic Multiperiod is not currently supported.
  • Static Multiperiod has intermittent issues depending on the content/user-agent.
  • Streams using high profile codecs may not play properly.
  • Only streams with segmentAlignment='true' will work with abr.


  • Major improvements with fragment scheduling and ABR heuristics.
  • New Streams added to source.json
  • Updated ControlBar.js - Please read for changes needed for old code.
latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
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