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Dash.js v2.2.0

New Feature / Feature Enhancement
#382 Event for switch requested and switch complete.
#1006 Player is not sending cookies if we attachSource.
#1122 Faster switching by replacing segments close to the playhead.
#1301 webm.js not compatible with current dash.js.
#1361 Support for MPD Anchors (Partial in 2.2).
#1423 Add audio-only test vectors to reference player.

Bug Fixes
#521 Properly support path-absolute BaseURLs (Regression)
#887 Live audio-only stream show incorrect time info.
#1340 DASH-IF player cannot properly render ttml with multiple lines.
#1353 ControlBar uses deprecated method on MediaPlayer API.
#1369 All segments from time zero are reloaded when switching track (Regression).
#1370 Download errors have no id (Regression).
#1372 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().
#1375 Switching audio track on LIVE stream stops the playback.
#1379 Fragment request URLs incorrect when using a SegmentList (Regression).
#1380 Partial fix for Suspicious-looking URL handling in XlinkController.
#1393 IE11 API issue.
#1406 Paused video keeps writing log lines about buffer pruning.
#1409 Ondemand audio-only stream fails to play with dev reference player (Regression).
#1432 TTML Parser incorrectly scales root container region by cellResolution.
#1437 Uncaught TypeError when quality is -1.
#1457 Cannot play manifest with SegmentTimeline inside of SegmentList.
#1461 Reference live stream fails to replay correctly in dev (Regression).
#1463 setScheduleWhilePaused default value documentation incorrect.

Known Issues
Seeking Multiperiod test stream on FireFox for Windows is failing. (Since 1.5.1)
Streams using high profile codecs may not play properly.
Only streams with segmentAlignment='true' will work with abr.
Live Multiperiod is failing. Regression

latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
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