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Dash.js v2.1.0

New Features
#1048 Refactor Loader Classes into LoaderBase Code Refactor
#992 Add support for segmented WebVTT subtitles
#571 Support for the tag Feature Enhancement

Bug Fixes
#1089 Live stream delay under Firefox ignores setLiveDelayFragmentCount value Bug
#900 setMaxAllowedBitrateFor can take a long time/never apply if not done before startup Bug Investigate
#866 btoa and atob declarations break native browser implementations for other libraries Bug Pri-Critical
#841 Wrong index returned for AbrController.getQualityForBitrate Bug Pri-Critical
#1314 [Updated] Always use computeLiveDelay to get bound logic. ATSC logic for postponement needs to be updated
#1298 IE only: Ended doesn't seem to fire Bug Investigate
#1290 Glitches since 2.0.0 Bug Pri-Critical
#1275 Non 0 PST for SegmentTimeline VOD will fail Bug
#1261 No seeked events when seek to unbeffered position on pause Feature Request question
#1257 MediaPlayerEvents.BUFFER_EMPTY not triggering Bug Investigate
#1243 Nightly build no longer works Automation
#1219 Remove Console.log and use internal log Debug.js class. Code Refactor Pri-High
#1218 Seek back to 0 may cause stream failure Bug Pri-High
#1217 s fragment arg is failing. Bug Pri-High
#1212 Presentation duration is shown as 00:00:00 Bug Investigate
#1207 Remove complexity of calling rulecontroller for scheduling. Code Refactor
#1203 validate loop in schedule controller never stops if scheduleWhilePaused is true Bug
#1198 Firefox stops after 2 minutes of play Bug CLOSE PENDING
#1174 Player hangs in MSEdge Investigate
#1172 MediaPlayer#setTextTrack() call resumes player when paused Bug
#1166 Dash 2.0 sometimes fails to replay Bug Investigate
#1164 Subtitles requiring .attachTTMLRenderingDiv(TTMLRenderingDiv) fail in Firefox
#1154 Remove getVideoModel and add API for the two calls that should be public Code Refactor PENDING PR MERGE
#1153 resetAndIntializePlayback method not robust after a failed playback Bug
#1141 [RC2_v2.0.0] Inconsistent behavior with SegmentTimeline live stream Bug
#1130 Cannot read property 'pause' of null (playbackController) Bug
#1100 Updates for ATSC-DASH type of content (2nd)
#1331 Prevent low values attempting to use representation -1
#1316 Adding new live delay sample

Known Issues
Seeking Multiperiod test stream on FireFox for Windows is not failing. Since 1.5.1
Streams using high profile codecs may not play properly.
Only streams with segmentAlignment='true' will work with abr.
Live Multiperiod is failing. Regression

latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
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