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Dash.js v1.5.0

New Features:

  • Fully Integrated Box Parser (For extracting items like EMSG)
  • Multiple Video Adaptation Support
  • Multiple Audio Adaptation Support
  • Multiple Text Adaptation Support
  • Richly styled TTML subtitling (almost complete EBU-TT-D)
  • Support for Safari and Firefox
  • Multiperiod DRM/EME Protection


  • Buffer Pruning/Seeking
  • HTTP Metric Improvements
  • DRM/EME JSDocs.
  • Improved support for app-specific DRM license servers

Bug Fixes:

  • Multiperiod
  • xLink onload
  • TextTrack
  • Cross Browser
  • Scheduling
  • Live edge detection.
  • HTTPS Timeserver calls

New Contribution Akamai Control Bar:

  • Simple yet styleable video control bar that is very easy to use.
  • Includes a caption menu for multiple selections. It allows displaying time and duration (relative OR UTC).
  • Will work with Live DVR Window seeking (timeShiftBufferDepth).
  • Built to work only with players using Dash.js!
  • Drop into a page with just two lines of code, one css/js include and some HTML.

Known Issues:

  • Firefox: Rich TTML subtitling is not working
  • IE: Rich TTML subtitling is not working in full-screen (not enabled at all in reference player)
  • Edge: Rich TTML subtitling does not work unless one turns on the IE11 flag.
  • Control Bar: IE Fullscreen does not show control bar.
  • Typo in control bar css file name contolbar.css should be controlbar.css.
  • HTTPS certificate deployment is underway.
latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
5 years ago