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Dash.js Release v1.4

  • Multiperiod re-design
  • Enhanced xlink support for xlink onLoad
  • DRM support and improvements with key prefetching API.
  • Optimize Starting bit rate selection including
    • starting index API
    • starting bitrate API
    • maxBitrateAllowed API
    • Last known Bitrate cached with TTL for starting bitrate
    • Defaults down to starting at bitrate <= 1 mbps
  • Live edge detection enhancements (current order of fallback)
    • UTC Manifest attribute detection
    • Segment Timeline Advertised Frag ID
    • Default NTP time server with API to add and remove more.
    • DateHeader lookup
    • Default back to live edge binary search.
  • Fragment Abandonment ABR rule (Abandon download and switch).
  • Scheduling API to set number of allowed parallel request.
  • WebVTT caption style support
  • Header License Consistency
  • Author File Added
  • Node compliance
  • JSDoc enhancements
  • Various bug fixes

Known Issues

latest releases: v3.1.3, v3.1.2, v3.1.1...
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