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Version 0.3.2

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3 years ago

Here's a small maintenance update for you!
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New Features

  • the toggle key can now be changed with e.g. toggleKey = F1 in the config file
  • added the image sharpening filter that's used by nvidia


  • adopted meson as the new build system
  • shaders will now be included in the main binary
  • most headers are now included in the source to avoid version mismatch (looking at you, arch)
  • fixed building with clang and gcc10

Bug Fixes

  • floats in the config file will now be parsed locale independent
  • fixed crash when a option was present in the config file but had the wrong format


  • deband is now deprecated because the reshade shader works better, it might be removed in a future version
  • renamed the layer to VK_LAYER_VKBASALT_post_processing to be more conformant with Khronos standards
  • updated the reshade compiler to 4.7 including support for new primitive types
  • upgraded Vulkan layer version to 1.2
  • more possible locations for config files have been added
  • it's now possible to use "quotes with white space" in the config, this should be useful for filenames
  • there will be no prebuild packages because of dependency and install issues on different distros

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