github DadSchoorse/vkBasalt v0.2.0
Version 0.2.0

latest releases: v0.3.2.10, v0.3.2.9, v0.3.2.8...
pre-release4 years ago

New Features

Enhanced Subpixel Morphological Anti-Aliasing

  • Higher quality anti-aliasing than FXAA
  • Can be enabled in the config file

Option to use multiple effects at once

  • Can be configured via the effects option in the config file

One environment variable to rule them all

  • 32-bit vkBasalt can now be enabled with ENABLE_VKBASALT instead of ENABLE_VKBASALT32

Config file

  • The config file now allows white space
  • It is now possible to change settings like subpixel Anti-Aliasing strength for FXAA

Bug fixes

  • Presenting from a compute queue should no longer cause artifacts
  • Memory allocation an intel and amdvlk should be fixed
  • VkInstance and VkDevice objects are now destroyed properly

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