github DS-Homebrew/TWiLightMenu v6.5.1

Updating from v6.5.0 and later

  • Overwrite the _nds folder on the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.

What's new?

  • You can now have TWiLight Menu++ go to SysNAND Launcher (aka System Menu) instead of SDNAND's!
    Useful if you're getting the An error has occurred. screen.
    In the settings screen, you will need to set which .app file is set as LAUNCHER in the Unlaunch menu. To check, press POWER, hold A, then highlight LAUNCHER. The .app name will be shown on the bottom screen.

Bug fix

  • The Acekard theme will no longer wipe your .nds DSiWare save file when trying to launch it.
latest releases: v20.0.1, v20.0.0, v19.1.1...
2 years ago