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v25.9.6 (hotfix)

8 days ago

Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++:

What's new?

  • To fully restore the look of the DSi Menu, the default fallback skin for the DSi theme is now the light skin instead of the dark one.
    • This was done because of some users apparently having bad first impressions with TWLMenu++ on DSi, and in addition, would end up making forwarders for the original DSi Menu (along with optionally installing hiyaCFW, a DSi CFW which is not needed nowadays).
    • You can still download the dark skin here:
      • In the dark.7z file, put the dark folder in sd:/_nds/TWiLightMenu/dsimenu/themes/, then open TWLMenu++ Settings, select Theme (set to Nintendo DSi), press A, then select dark.


  • @lifehackerhansol: Updated GMP-Z003 autoboot to flashcard-bootstrap v1.2.3, with an open-source DLDI.

Bug fix

  • Fixed the DS/DSi splash jingle not playing and either no or glitched sound playing in place.

Known bug (as of v25.9.5)

  • Autobooting does not work on timebombed flashcards, so you'll need to download v25.9.4, and get the autoboot files from there.

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