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2 days ago

First release on the SDK 47 series. Please make sure to read the Changelog carefully.

Notable changes:

  • If you are not coming from v0.32.0, please see the "Notables changes" of that release, first. Especially about CometBFT.
  • IBC-Go is a new major version including the "hucklebery" security fix. See v7.0.1.
  • SDK 47 support is a big step from the SDK 45 version supported before. Make sure to read the upgrade guide for the SDK
    before applying any changes. Links below.
  • Some advice from working with SDK 47 that may affect you, too:
    • The SDK version includes some key store migration for the CLI. Make sure you backup your private keys before
      testing this! You can not switch back to v0.45 afaik
    • Take care that you use the goleveldb version used in the SDK. A transitive dependency may change it which caused
      failing queries on a running server: Error: rpc error: code = InvalidArgument desc = failed to load state at height 1; version does not exist (latest height: 1): invalid request
      Ensure this in go.mod: => v1.0.1-0.20210819022825-2ae1ddf74ef7
    • With custom modules, use the new proto-builder version (Makefile) to let proto types register with the correct registry
    • Ensure that all ParameterChangeProposal are completed before the upgrade or migrate them to SDK and wasm
      modules execute a migration before so that these proposals would not have an affect.
    • Attribute keys/ values in events are strings and not bytes in CometBFT. This may break clients
    • CLI: add-genesis-account, gentx,add-genesis-account, collect-gentxs and others are now under genesis command as parent
    • CLI: --broadcast-mode block was removed. You need to query the result for a TX with wasmd q tx <hash> instead

Migration notes:

  • This release contains a state migration for the wasmd module that stores
    the params in the module store.
  • SDK v0.47 comes with a lot of api/state braking changes to previous versions. Please see their upgrade guide
    which contains a lot of helpful details.
  • Please read the migration guide for IBC-Go v7.0.0 carefully

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