github Consensys/teku 24.3.1

latest release: 24.4.0
29 days ago

This is a recommended update for mainnet nodes with improvements to CPU and bandwidth issues observed since Deneb upgrade.

Key changes:

  • Updated libp2p seen cache configuration reducing CPU and bandwidth consumption
  • Increased attestation cache capacity to improve block building
  • Introduced Validator Slashing Prevention feature
  • Fixed issue between Teku Validator Client and Lighthouse Beacon Nodes


  • Available as 24.3.1 on Dockerhub
  • Download the binary distribution:
    • tar.gz (sha256: c0d1754569223e01c4ccab4a3adac8cd120586b8c9806aa32161189e6b4109b5)
    • zip (sha256: 904fb19bb02e0982d18ef40729c859055894cbdd9243bc1e4be62204e8e32e6b)

Breaking Changes

  • The development command line argument --Xvalidator-is-local-slashing-protection-synchronized-enabled has become a supported and documented argument --validator-is-local-slashing-protection-synchronized-enabled.

Additions and Improvements

  • Introduced Validator Slashing Prevention feature.
  • If the EL supports the engine_getClientVersionV1 Engine API method, the default graffiti (when no graffiti has been configured by the validator) will include EL as well as CL version information. For more details, please see ethereum/execution-apis#517.
  • --p2p-private-key-file command line option supports reading a binary private key file.
  • Updated libp2p seen cache configuration to reflect EIP-7045 spec changes. This reduces CPU and network bandwidth consumption.
  • Increased the attestation cache capacity to allow Teku a bigger pool of attestations when block building.
  • Defaulted --builder-bid-compare-factor to 90. This makes it necessary for external block builders to give at least 10% additional profit compared to a local build before being taken into consideration. If you would like to go back to the previous default, set --builder-bid-compare-factor to 100.
  • Added --p2p-direct-peers command line option to configure explicit peers as per Explicit Peering Agreements libp2p spec.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix incompatibility between Teku validator client and Lighthouse beacon nodes #8117

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