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  • bdfe32ad6bf7ee6ebb76845bda699c6e628b171f Fixed value coercion of input object with variables (#2751)
  • 7697f77a3eb5960e3e23481d58e2ae2c1fed9e54 Improved QueryableExecutable extensibility (#2745)
  • e2739ca8a8150100674ba87877bf7af0d7730c63 Minor spelling Fix (#2748)
  • 4db5869f429183b1e00fb45f994b4ebf1a744d77 Changed Extensibility Wording to be Positive (#2749)
  • 981634bffea6dfa0ee5c727fc2c82e90dc4e16d4 Added extension method to add custom validation rules. (#2450)
  • bc79c9e47a76d780f32bbe19735c84c49d30e8fd Refined Scalars (#2741)

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