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  • 4e4120d726fcc11dbf50b56065105addcde9ffe7 Added result formatter options to minify the JSON payload. (#2897)
  • 07bdd9de02f24d8041ab2465e9edbc5d630a7dd0 Updated Changelog
  • 484424cd8653a372cb85a0720c73b737a5c74b9a Relaxed UUID deserialization (#2896)
  • ebbcb6c93f4cc673a6d4f036d09640918e6f61e8 Added community extension. (#2887)
  • ec79fa217428ea97f1ba4ac71a1860f6e6aad88b Updated packages with new names and links (#2885)
  • 2691e4c78d68a15f840c05a53ae1965cf03e34a8 Fixed selection optimizer were not resolved correctly. (#2889)
  • b490fd32f0a9060136b6775ff814898f6d0b353f Fix wrong type in v10 docs (#2890)

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