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  • eb58240de4b5968b8fbeafeae2047a5a717acd7c Reworked Type Inference to be stricter. (#2842)
  • 79f5cfdd60a5b731ae11b65c0381a42cfb90a8b7 Enable local schemas to be used in schema stitching (#2835)
  • 6b21001776c6a838528f6019cfe6fea2e0e95784 Allow to enumerate variables (#2833)
  • 62af8602ca9bbbf230e3cdd948fe0bf3cc2d5d7c Website: Refined Directives Doc & Added One Logo (#2832)
  • b7b6f58923768a3f53e4881ac39a6081df47d9cb Fixed skip projection of methods and non-settable properties (#2790)
  • 86fd78618928c2c977268083971ce23f8523ec95 Fixed bug with non generic ResolveWith on the ObjectFieldDescriptor class (#2812)
  • 02e74ccddd56c62a7a53f405f091169cfe372a85 Correct nullability of after/before argument (#2815)
  • 97c3e4332072661ab8823c5d757d5f7edf253a74 Fixes GeoJson Point has inconsistent input and output types (#2829)

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