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  • 627ebe4a93db1529e3c7f861f3c7d646a36d2c0a Add HasErrors to IResolverContext (#2814)
  • 3bdb13297b1f45861be55461d8fa935705943243 Clarify AddHttpRequestInterceptor usage (#2811)
  • 013e7e28185c4a82ed073e7ee6f3747a22701b1d Updated year
  • 5cf9725be84033dbddb9b270b4d4613266cd77fa Updated year
  • 8f7883b29bf1ef97c656d920fb207a5f6e0d8ebc Added GraphQL descriptions to delegate directive. (#2783)
  • 4d9e2f0ee9ac7ff202434f8b58d173263f6184b6 Renamed variable uri to guid in UuidType (#2782)
  • 12915dc2db239e39bf3504600fd2df5503fcfb3b Fixed argument renaming during schema stitching. (#2784)
  • 24d2aed1b85d4b0bbaa1515e7728823c2131b1be Fixed cursor backward pagination with two list elements (#2777)

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