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  • 00ae81b874c77b2543370672f664e7a944f7481a First part of the filter convention docs (#2656)

  • f6238e0761a050cb7ebd9d6428c8a0e785984ae5 Fixed execution of batch requests (#2726)

  • 6583340a4309c1b5554bb3a05ccab8aae5378cfe Fixed PagingAmountRewriter for stitching in migration guide (#2737)

  • bcbcde8539468b1fc9c7d66b73e7c848b154b982 Fix type in menu name for Language (#2738)

  • ebff4e11c32b1bb762c79e6bbb586dd1f4b097e6 Added more schema definition documentation

  • 9aeba3e22e42762b2119aa48bb536c9009932407 Reworked Getting Started Summary

  • 874885f24a2fda9691f5362d8099354c0d06ad1f Schema Documentation (#2675)

  • 6956546dd0ca93c518f481a77550a92a7a36f23a Added two community libraries to the list (#2732)

  • 6462b04c7ba0199f440be09e16b56f526e57c2ae Fixed typo in projections docs. Changed all UseProjections to UseProjection to match code. (#2730)

  • 23f5547d5afecc1421f6754574b8c9d76ee2fdd5 feat: add docs for executable (#2651)

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  • 369afcbdae6e9b243f2bf05e808f70080611dbdc Added biqh logo (#2728)

  • a53ddb04cf0e61212e20b3afec8bcd3317faa424 Added exlrt logo (#2725)

  • d76dd01094ae6dfcd0bc9857de3d9a3719d6a31e Website: Default Document & More Logos (#2723)

  • a8f01321daabfe2f736ec96130ade2007ebe3d41 Added another default text for docs (#2719)

  • a3dd64ff64acb08dd9b2a55e9fb4b123bdd62cd9 Added incloud logo (#2718)

  • 0dc7fd946f5828e1317829890e8aabf20a070f01 Website: Refined coding approaches block

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