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  • 257fb518a635654abad9dccd56b07dcce1920468 Enable nested variables in stiching (#1746)

  • f7dc50ce9a6428f992ee94706e38ed42223739cf fixed test

  • 49ee1eeb536df2ff9137d27ad59446803cac536f reworked serialization

  • 68c39a895fae89ec3067dd76f968cdb058c97295 Added type conversion null ref fix

  • e2e895756afec78f412a89fd3e2ad30e368e0f55 fix(Selection): fix nullable relation (#1651)

  • 6d4f771245cbec2628632609fec12daa048179f7 Fixed auth middleware

  • 952543ca2a7be09ab78ad144af44b1c32ebb34aa fixed nullable helper

  • 2e8b7b282bc95c4f01605cdaf1c9e9b0959f5194 Updated how we handle auth

  • c37c8bdc673444f2e17d91ea3913df7c3e9574c2 Added nullable fix

  • 86e56134d4a844839e9608a3a33440539b8411fe [UseSelection]Add support for scalar array (#1584)

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  • a2f9a9186224572015196e1659c3055ca9ce6c81 Fixes issue with wrong base type in UseSorting (#1617)

  • a40d634cb1c0827bb624e95aa5e288d2c9509254 Fixed issue where the diagnostic sources are removed

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