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  • 64dc2eb13d095aea3de93863c82280a365eac175 Updated Changelog

  • 495af236b30469688c6064dc1d69a0f79163c1bf Updated StarWars Example Template

  • 453163dfe62e3f6e33818bc71b89832b87e512d9 Updated Server Template

  • 596c8bc768c76f8b0916196b3d181f287b88a592 Added support for immutable classes and optionals to input types. (#1317)

  • d180ff9a40bfbf22277cb23e00b7c4b0e4de9c36 Fixed issue where the lazy configurations were not executed. (#1316)

  • 57b096be2b8d881e972935706c3f5f715cdb4297 Merged changelog.

  • 3901345abe2b9a75876de936a546367e85e29dbe Added attribute support to filtering and sorting. (#1310)

  • 3c13d151b61f0ba05c9be23b10ef0dced92a1781 updated changelog

  • e79b41d2be0719bb6e42ea3d5c18f5a4c15b9511 Made the GraphQL request error handling consistent. (#1309)

  • 1b0efcbf081cb9dcaea35289d9d0ab62d96ce53d Fixed variables in list

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  • 6d0c509cfaa618338c0b98526aa3f3b857477fde Fixed parser error handling in middleware & directive delegation. (#1308)

  • 9c7ebbb38648516c82514bebaddfe94381c492ba Added authorize attribute. (#1307)

  • b4c04a5296fabbd8558c662957dab5633f72458c Refine Attribute Support (#1306)

  • 3d8fa25b5e43fd6b6f73f53f5ebbecab94de165a Fixed clr type binding for issue with new type discovery. (#1304)

  • 12521577941087d978e0fa62b2528d0d1925e7e5 Added support for generic object type extensions. (#1297)

  • e6c189b706050ed6ff8cd78d0f6f93a3275227da Added one more case for argument data (#1293)

  • 22d815682440339d576da675541782ccf22afcc0 Improve Type Discovery (#1281)

  • 9f1e8d78e4712605605700ae11fcac0a97266b49 Fixed handling of rewritten non-null reference types. (#1288)

  • c8b7efea8dcff51696a59a10a9dcafae84d4a533 Fixed issue where the rented buffer was to early returned. (#1277)

  • 82105ee9ce21261ff679bfd1b8f85a93e4024da5 Fixed issue with custom scalar types in delegated fields (schema stitching) (#1221)

  • c5d49005f04adac7984c1321c4fef06c12664ca3 Introduced Subscribe Resolver for IAsyncEnumerable (#1262)

  • 293058bb58b1b40b8e17b95f1e53238395ce0f4b Detect if a queryable already has a sorting (#1253)

  • 06ff9e762d4ae134fbcabfa771004a96fdf1d41c Updated Changelog

  • 454d283775bf23e8dc3402b7a31dfe5ea884e344 Updated Tests Tools (#1246)

  • 41a88b5557cb0d1e80d76d13a6ed37a0e93f630e Stops adding the __typename field when it's in selection (#1248)

  • 6e971966da86603cf81ad6ed1562399a01287666 Fixed explicit binding of sorting types.

  • d5525028ffe27231a5e46f76cff1a5e2d4bf5ee8 Added more nullable type rewriter tests.

  • e53b11156389d9e6c74579bbc6b0936178a7c00b Streamlined Null Inspection

  • ec88207cd43a689040ebefaa27b402fb840ccae2 Fix method nullable detection (#1241)

  • 66db799514248e09f3777b89dd3e154dfc0e1b95 Fixed Nullable Detection (#1240)

  • 2e5cad0d0910e98f40164ab2f1c2334db3928907 Added Descriptor Attributes (#1238)

  • d073c63d4719492a7dfd35bfc7209ef58aaebd99 Infer non-nullability from C# ref types enhancement (#1236)

  • ab34dbc8cf11b9b85e50bf9378d43f8440bd39c8 Fixes #1210. Create a new service scope when cloning RequestContext (#1211)

  • 1255841fc7bb50652ca008702c4498f6c7302043 Fixed: Queryable visitor was missing type conversion parameter.

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