github ChilliCream/hotchocolate 0.6.0

  • GraphiQL
    We have added a separate package providing a GraphiQL middleware. The middleware can serve all of GraphiQL without needing to refer to CDNs making it useful even in closed networks. Moreover, we have configured GraphiQL to work with the GraphQL-ws protocol which is supported by Hot Chocolate.

  • Subscriptions
    Initial Support for GraphQL Subscriptions. We currently support the GraphQL-ws protocol over web sockets. There will be a lot of additional work in version 0.7.0 that will harden it.

  • Authorization
    We now provide an authorization package for core which supports policy-base authorization on fields.

  • Diagnostics
    We have introduced a diagnostic source which can be used to track field execution times and other events.

  • Directive Middleware
    Implementing a directive middleware has now become much easier with this release. We have built the authorize-directive with these new APIs.

latest releases: 11.0.8, 11.0.8-rc.9, 11.0.8-rc.8...
2 years ago