github ChilliCream/hotchocolate 0.5.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where null list elements would lead to value completion errors
  • Fixed issues that prevented the schema builder process to infer schema parts from .net types
  • Updated GreenDonut to version 1.0.3
  • Validation Rule marked __typename as invalid field for interfaces and unions (#273)
  • The variable type rule has an issue when a variable type is a non-null enum type. (#262)
  • DataLoader did not accept null as a result. #269


We now support directives on the following types:

Location Status
Schema (0.5.1)
Scalar (0.5.1)
Object done
Field_Definition done
Argument_Definition done
Interface done
Union done
Enum done
Enum_Value (0.5.1)
Input_Object done
Input_Field_Definition done


You now can alter the execution behaviour via directives and custom middleware delegates.

latest releases: 11.0.9, 11.0.9-preview.3, 11.0.9-preview.2...
2 years ago