github CarlosEsco/Neko 2.13.2

9 days ago

🏗️ Changes

  • Add option to wrap alternative titles
  • Add a rate limit to the image request, for those people with crazy fast internet to somehow get 429'd by Dex downloading images
  • Change compose title to autoscale size in scaffold

🐜 Fixes

  • MAL global tracking status being wrong causing wrong group by tracker
  • Hide chapter title not allowing option to set as default
  • Downloaded manga not displaying when changing title

🛠️ Other

  • update compose compiler version to "1.4.7" update kotlin to 1.8.21
  • Update dependency com.github.skydoves:sandwich to v1.3.6 (#1448) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency io.kotest:kotest-assertions-core-jvm to v5.6.2 (#1451) (@renovate[bot])
  • Update dependency androidx.core:core-ktx to v1.10.1 (#1450) (@renovate[bot])
  • bump agp to 8
  • bump gradle to 8.1.1
  • fix git command on build.gradle
  • bump version
  • remove unused method
  • clean up constants

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