github Canop/broot v1.0.1
broot v1.0.1

  • don't apply .gitignore files (including the global one) when not in a git repository - Fix #274
  • the "clipboard" optional feature adds:
    • the :copy_path verb which copies the selected path to the clipboard (mapped to alt-c)
    • the :input_paste verb which inserts the clipboard content in the input (mapped to ctrl-v)
  • it's now possible to define verbs executing sequences of commands - Fix #277
  • fix opening of link of link - Fix #280
  • broot is now compatible with Android, you can use it on Termux for example
  • help page lists all optional features enabled at compilation
  • list of verbs in help page is searchable
latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.11, v1.1.10...
3 months ago