github Canop/broot v0.18.0
broot v0.18.0

Major change: Recursive last modified date computation

The date of directories is now the modification date of the last modified inner file, whatever its depth. This is computed in the background and doesn't slow your navigation.

Major change: Sort mode

Size can now be displayed out of sort mode, which concerns either size or dates.
There are new launch arguments:
--sort-by-count : sort by number of files in directories
--sort-by-date : sort by dates, taking content into account (make it easy to find deep recent files)
--sort-by-size : sort by size
--whale-spotting or -w : "whale spotting" mode (sort by size and show all files)
The -s launch argument now works similarly to -d or -p : it doesn't activate a sort mode but activates showing the sizes. -s has been replaced with -w.
Similarly new verbs have been defined:
:toggle_counts, with shortcut counts shows the number of files in directories
:toggle_sizes, with shortcut sizes shows the sizes of files and directories
:sort_by_count has for shortcut sc
:sort_by_date has for shortcut sd
:sort_by_size has ss as shortcut
:no_sort removes the current sort mode, if any

latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.11, v1.1.10...
7 months ago