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broot v0.14.0

Major feature: :focus verb

This verb can be called, and parameterized, with a path as argument, which makes it possible to have a shortcut to a specific location.
As a result, the specific :focus_user_home and :focus_root verbs have been removed (:focus ~ works on all OS).

Major feature: panels!

There are three major ways to open a new panel:

  • by using ctrl-left or ctrl-right, which can also be used to navigate between panels
  • when a verb is edited, by using ctrl-p, which opens a panel which on closure will fill the argument
  • by using any verb with a bang. For example :focus! ~ or :!help
    When you have two panels, you may use some new verbs like :copy_to_panel which copies the selection to the selected location in the other panel.
    Many new verbs and functions are related to panels but broot can still be used exactly as before without using panels.

Major feature: autocompletion

Using the Tab key you can complete verbs or paths

Major feature: special paths

Some paths can be handled in a specific way. Fix #205 and #208
You can for example decide that some slow disk shouldn't be entered automatically

Minor changes:

  • date/time format configurable - Fix #229
  • esc doesn't quit broot anymore (by popular demand)

It's probably a good idea to remove your existing conf.toml file so that broot creates a brand new one with suggestions of shortcuts. Reading the doc again is recommended too.

latest releases: v1.2.0, v1.1.11, v1.1.10...
7 months ago