github CXWorld/CapFrameX v1.6.6beta
CapFrameX v1.6.6 beta

New features

  • Support for Intel Alder Lake CPUs (sensor info and detection of performance and efficient cores)
  • Move record files into different tree view folders via drag & drop (needs tree view to be pinned)
  • Status of ResBar, GameMode and HAGS are saved in record files and included in system info expander
  • Notifications inside CX for us to send important messages to all users on app start when neccessary
  • Overlay values accessible through http and web socket (links provided in options menu)


  • Autostart using scheduled task to remove UAC prompt
  • Record list search bar now also shows the number of records in the current directory
  • Run history and aggregation options moved from Overlay to Capture page as they are more connected to the capturing process
  • Further compressed overlay entry formats to display more entries without glitches

Bug fixes

  • Possible fixes for crashes regarding sound manager and overlay entries
  • OS version wasn't showing in system info expander


If you are using a network drive as your capture directory and also use the autostart feature,
you might want to download the additional zip file too and read the info inside it.

pre-release2 days ago