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hekate v5.5.3 & Nyx v0.9.9

latest releases: v5.7.2, v5.7.0, v5.6.5...
16 months ago


Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista and Mariko units

Latest HOS supported: 11.0.1

New in this version

  • Fixed an issue with sdmmc driver. This might increase compatibility with a certain set of SD cards.
  • Fixed an issue with a bad chainloader. Release was updated to include 63d0330
  • Compiled with latest BDK.

Nyx v0.9.9

  • Partition Manager fixes
    Fixed Android partitioning underflowing UDA (userdata) partition. (Which was causing the password issue when booting Android.)
    Fixed Nyx hanging when updating buttons after partitioning.
    Fixed an edge case on backup/restore checks where the total size would overflow and end up returning < 1GB instead of failed.

Additional changes:

  • Allow Reboot to OFW (bypass fuses) on patched Erista and Mariko units
    The options for these (except unpatched) now are:
    OFW: Reboot and bypass fuses like always. This depends on at least one intact BCT.
    Normal: Reboot by resetting regulators. This enters custom bootloader if chipped, otherwise it does an OFW (no fuse bypass) reboot.
  • Fixed temperature for Mariko being 12.5 °C higher than it should be
    The power off now also disables the sensor in order to conserve more power.
  • Joycon parent regulator is now managed and source depends purely on if USB is connected or not
    That will prioritize joycon charging via USB and save charging power.
  • Fixed an issue where the pkg1/pkg2 dumping tool for Mariko would over-decrypt pkg1.
  • Formalize various text messages


  • How to use Partition Manager for Linux/Android?
    For L4T Linux you can use the official Ubuntu Bionic 3.2.0 or newer release or any other distro betas.
    For android you need to build Android P or Q which support/require the new partition scheme.

  • My Joy-Con drift when in Nyx, how to fix?
    Nyx applies an auto calibration at boot. That happens when you hear the rumble. If you press the sticks before, then a wrong calibration will get applied.
    To fix that on the fly, simply remove the Joy-Con and re insert it. This always causes a new calibration. Just make sure you don't touch the stick when you reinsert.

  • I don't care about emuMMC/Linux/Android. Can the Part manager be used for something else?
    Yes. You can still reformat your SD card to a single FAT32 partition.
    You can even use it when you have exFAT and you want to format to FAT32.
    It is also suggested to format your sd card via hekate. That's because it prepares it for performance. something that many partitioning tools neglect.


Check for more.

For maximum performance of UMS in Windows, you need to run nyx_usb_max_rate__run_only_once_per_windows_pc.reg, only once per PC you have.
It only affects hekate's usb device. You can also view that file with text editor and see what it does. Linux/Mac OS users do not need that.

Don't forget to drag n drop bootloader folder into sd card root and hit replace. No need to delete that folder first, especially if you want your configs and payloads.

hekate main is based on commit: 63d0330


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