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hekate v5.5.2 & Nyx v0.9.8

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16 months ago


Supports booting ALL current CFWs, Android/Linux booting and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Supports: Erista and Mariko units

Latest HOS supported: 11.0.1

New in this version

  • Added back an SD card mitigation for old coreboot roms
    Anyone that still relies on that should actually use an updated coreboot.rom.
    L4T Linux/Lakka/Android P/Q already have a newer one.
  • Fixed an issue where AutoRCM status would be reported falsely on modchipped switches
  • Power management (Regulator framework/Reboot/Power off) was refactored
    Power off now disables all regulators and comes back to init state, effectively using even less power when powered off.
    Regulator framework was updated to simplify the whole process of changing regulators for all 4 types.
  • HOS versioning was refactored to use fuses instead of keyblobs
    This will make future hekate updates simpler.
    (Basically KB version was not providing enough info to identify and select each version's quirks. This change doesn't actually affect the user, it just reduces the codesize/complexity of hekate. Also it has nothing to do with actual fuses burnt.)
  • Simplified RAM OC for users that compile an overclocked Minerva library.
  • Many bugfixes

Nyx v0.9.8

  • emuMMC Migration was reworked to allow more freedom
    User can now choose the type of migration that wants to do instead of being completely automatic.

  • XUSB on Mariko now has up to 96% better performance
    Reaches parity with speeds in Erista units.

  • Added support for the commonly used Hori pads. Thanks to @krnlyng.

  • UMS timings were reworked to fix Arch Linux
    Arch Linux USB stack specifically has the tendency to have huge latencies that can reach 1-2s.
    This change mitigates that without sacrificing performance.

  • Partition manager changes
    Flash Linux/Android buttons now only light up if partitions are found.
    Added MSC (misc) partition support for Android. Needed for OTA updates.

  • Added Touch Panel vendor and model info
    Additionally it checks if firmware is correctly paired with that panel.

  • Added burnt fuses HOS version compatibility info
    It now shows the minimum OFW version that can be booted.
    Additionally, raw values are now provided for ODM 4,6,7 fuses.

Additional changes:

  • Added new Display ID ([20] 96 [0F]: InnoLux P062CCA-AZ3)
  • Added Main/CPU/GPU PMIC info in battery info
  • Fixed an issue where AutoRCM status would be reported falsely on modchipped switches
  • Fixed an issue where Display ID was reported wrong because of improper display deinit from bad chainloaders
  • Disabled power management on dev units
  • Backlight now dims when in UMS to conserve some power
  • When Nyx options are changed, now a pop up will ask to save them if user forgot to do so.
  • Many bugfixes


Many changes were made on the Bootloader Developement Kit. Developers should check actual commit log for these.


  • How to use Partition Manager for Linux/Android?
    For L4T Linux you can use the official Ubuntu Bionic 3.2.0 or newer release or any other distro betas.
    For android you need to build Android P or Q which support/require the new partition scheme.

  • My Joy-Con drift when in Nyx, how to fix?
    Nyx applies an auto calibration at boot. That happens when you hear the rumble. If you press the sticks before, then a wrong calibration will get applied.
    To fix that on the fly, simply remove the Joy-Con and re insert it. This always causes a new calibration. Just make sure you don't touch the stick when you reinsert.

  • I don't care about emuMMC/Linux/Android. Can the Part manager be used for something else?
    Yes. You can still reformat your SD card to a single FAT32 partition.
    You can even use it when you have exFAT and you want to format to FAT32.
    It is also suggested to format your sd card via hekate. That's because it prepares it for performance. something that many partitioning tools neglect.


Check for more.

For maximum performance of UMS in Windows, you need to run nyx_usb_max_rate__run_only_once_per_windows_pc.reg, only once per PC you have.
It only affects hekate's usb device. You can also view that file with text editor and see what it does. Linux/Mac OS users do not need that.

Don't forget to drag n drop bootloader folder into sd card root and hit replace. No need to delete that folder first, especially if you want your configs and payloads.

Nyx is based on commit: 53c9ca8


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