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BookStack Beta v0.30.1


Full List of Changes

This release contains the following fixes and changes:

  • Updated translations. (#2262)
  • Updated settings header bar to adapt better for longer-text languages. (#2265)
  • Updated callout link formatting to use callout text style rather than theme color. Thanks to @alexmannuk. (#2233, #303)
  • Updated Book export content so that page includes are parsed. Thanks to @mr-vinn. (#2227, #2228)
  • Fixed issue where the markdown editor preview pane would be empty. (#2280)
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of "Ubuntu Mono" font definition. Thanks to @abulgatz. (#2274)
  • Fixed incorrect AddActivityIndexes migration 'down' action. Thanks to @gertjankrol. (#2268)
  • Fixed unexpected scroll bars on code blocks. (#2267)
  • Fixed issue where notification would not shown upon SAML login where there's an existing non-matching user. (#2263)
latest releases: v0.30.3, v0.30.2
26 days ago