github BlinkID/capture-browser v1.2.0

latest release: v1.2.1
22 days ago


  • Added configuration options for tilt, blur and glare tolerance.

    These can be configured using the new AnalyzerSettings properties:

    • tiltPolicy
    • blurPolicy
    • glarePolicy

    Each value can have a StrictnessLevel:

    • "disabled"
    • "strict"
    • "normal" (default value)
    • "relaxed"

    The tiltThreshold, ignoreGlare, and ignoreBlur settings have been replaced with the new policies.

  • Added keepDpiOnTransformedDocumentImage configuration on AnalyzerSettings which determines whether to preserve the captured document DPI in transformed document image. If disabled, the document DPI is downscaled to 400 DPI.

  • The createCaptureUi function will now throw an error if there was an issue during the creation of the SDK.

  • When booting up the SDK, the fetch function will time out after 3 seconds if it can't find the necessary resources.

  • Added hasPing property to LicenseUnlockResult

  • Added destroyInstanceOnDismount property on uiSettings which controls if the SDK instance, including the workers should be unloaded when the component is dismounted.

    This property is true by default when the ui is created using the createCaptureUi function and false when using createCaptureUiWithInstance.

  • When using the headless API (createCaptureSdk), disconnecting the video element from the DOM will no longer destroy the SDK instance.

  • Fixed a bug where the camera selector dropdown wouldn't be correctly displayed due to a missing z-index.

  • Add fallback logic for generating user ID when local storage is blocked.

  • Upgraded types for the localization strings. Will now show the original value in autocomplete.

  • ExposedComponentApi has been deprecated and merged with CaptureComponent

  • Improved error handling — createCaptureUi will now throw an error instead of silently failing during initialization.

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