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20 days ago

Bforartists 4 version 4.1.0 is the 3D Sequencer release.

This release has a new feature called the 3D Sequencer, where you can use scene strips as shots in a "pinned" video sequencer timeline to change the 3D View scene contents, camera, and animation dynamically - also with a new Power User Tools addon and another 123 task and features added to everything from the latest from Blender 4.1.0 and 4.2.0 Alpha to the date.

The binary downloads are attached. Per usual they can also be found in the download section of the official website:

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Blender Release notes now merged and updated into Bforartists:

Splashscreen is kindly provided by Belzunze, the latest winner of the Splashscreen Competition.

Thanks again for all your art, work and support! And a very special thank you to the developers maintaining this.

Draise, Reiner, Eyad, Blenux, Sean and the rest of the team

Bforartists 4 0 2 Screenshot
Bforartists 4 0 2 Splash-large

What's Changed

What's Changed

  • Sync blender master by @Draise14 in #4002
  • fix for 3999-space_toolbarpy-uv-mirrorrotate-operators-context-overri… by @Blenux in #4000
  • fix for 3995-blender-platform-unsupported by @Blenux in #4008
  • Development 3D sequencer - Phase 1.0 by @Draise14 in #4033
  • Geometry nodes sidebar - Group Tab - Interface panel - Move up, move … by @Draise14 in #4041
  • Extend Iconset #3796 by @Draise14 in #4049
  • fix for 4045-info-registering-menu-class-all_mt_editormenu-bl_idname-… by @Blenux in #4051
  • Fixed Freedesktop Metainfo by @StandingPadAnimations in #4052
  • Issue#4063 - Properties Editor: Make UI consistent across various "Add ..." menus by @Quackarooni in #4064
  • fix #4066-user-interface-import-export-stl-and-ply-missed-entries-cau… by @Blenux in #4067
  • fix for 4068-properties-editor-modifier-tab-new-add-asset-modifier-... by @Blenux in #4070
  • fix for 4072-3d-view-object-mode-animation-missing-icon-for-keyring-e… by @Blenux in #4073
  • fix for #4054-3d-view-object-mode-animation-missing-icon-to-clear-acti… by @Blenux in #4071
  • fix for 4074-user-preferences-keymap-is-set-to-blender-not-bforartists by @Blenux in #4076
  • fix for 4069-hotkeys-add-insert-keyframe-hotkeys-now-missing by @Blenux in #4077
  • fix for 4078-3d-view-camera-lock-widget-icon-is-inversed by @Blenux in #4079
  • fix for 4080-space-properties-tabs-separator-is-now-bigger-than-before by @Blenux in #4082
  • 4075 addon bforartists power user tools by @esnosy in #4089
  • Properties Editor - Cycles - Sampling - Denoise OpenImageDenoiser now… by @ReinerBforartists in #4120
  • fix 4128-preferences-autosave-time-interval-missing by @Blenux in #4131
  • fix 4102-ui-clean-up-purge-has-redundant-confirmation-dialogue by @Blenux in #4103
  • Sync blender master by @Draise14 in #4145
  • fix 4139-properties-editor-light-object-data-properties-close-the-ope… by @Blenux in #4143
  • Test Branch for Topbar by @Draise14 in #4141
  • Varios commits by @Draise14 in #4157
  • Make Bforartists addons "Official" #4121 by @Draise14 in #4160
  • fix 4165-fix-compile-warnings-caused-by-us by @Blenux in #4166
  • Animation editor headers, filter - remove double entries #4170 by @ReinerBforartists in #4172

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