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SoundSwitch 5.4.0

Multiple bugfixes related to how SoundSwitch detect that another instance is running.

Finally, found why SoundSwitch would block the system from going to sleep.
Also added an error message in the case you're using a profile that has a disconnected device.

Lastly, a new language, Croatian, has been added to the application.


v5.4.0 (2020-06-10)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Make an item in the menu for the Community / Discord #472
  • SoundSwitch - Forum, Discord Chat & FAQs. #470
  • Add Croatian to the app #465

Fixed bugs:

  • Banner + acoustic signal when switching output device #471
  • Settings Tab Not Displaying Correctly #467
  • SoundSwitch crash at boot: Instance not initialized #464
  • SoundSwitch crash at start: Named Pipe access denied #463
  • Crash when switching to a profile where the device isn't connected #462
  • SwoundSwitch preventing Windows 10 Sleep mode #439

Closed issues:

  • Soundswitch crashes at startup #468
  • Unable to donate via PayPal #312

Merged pull requests:

  • feature/ui-improvements: Various small improvements for the UI #461 (FireEmerald)

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